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Dallas Voyage Magazine Interview


Dallas Voyage Magazine did an article on us. Please check it out below! 




Kim Jones  Ward's Dog Training5 star- March 19: Maggie is doing great on heeling & off-leash recall. The Place command is doing very well. We are so happy. She picked up one of my shoes this morning I called her back & told her No. She brought the shoe back without me having to chase her. We took her all around our property and her recalls were awesome! There is no way to tell you how much we appreciate what you have accomplished with Maggie!

Tools We Use


We use many different training tools, as we believe every dog and their responses are different, just like humans. We use the Prong Collar about 90% of the time and we also do E-Collar work. We will educate you on how to properly use everything we use in the trainings.

Ward's Beginner Obedience Class


 Ward’s Dog Training

Group Classes: Next classes will start March 2019 Dog Training Classes in Midlothian Dog Training Classes in Waxahachie Dog Events in Mansfield

Clicker Trick Training


We do Clicker Trick Training! Right now we offer the following Tricks:

-Shake               -Sit Pretty

-Bow                  -Spin

-Take your sock off   -Play Dead