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My dog was out of control wild child and after the training he was like a totally different dog.. His spirit was never broke and he was taken such good care of by Justin and he did such an excellent job with him I would highly recommend him to anyone who is even thinking about getting training. If you cannot do the board and train I would suggest his group lessons and I'm sure he would accommodate you and let you know exactly what it is that he could do for your pet and you will be so happy. My dog now has a wonderful routine he walks on a leash Hallelujah and he is a God send. I would give Justin Ward 10 ********** stars..lol.. But they only allow me to give him 5!!! The training does not stop when you pick your pet up because he has Really shown an interest in continuing the training and any time I need to him he is there for me or any questions I may have.. He is always quick to answer, And he gives great advice!! Do yourselves a favor and do your pet a good deed and definitely take him to Justin Wards K9 training!!!! Great job Justin!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING🐾🐾💖--- Vicki LeGalley- Arlington, Texas


Asher & Zara


We love Justin Ward. With 2 young German shepherds we needed help training them, not just the dogs but us as well. Asher and Zara did the 2 weeks board and train and came back amazing. We follow up with constant trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Atwood’s...where ever they are allowed. They are so well behaved and they love going. Justin even made an extra trip out to the house when we were having a visiting dog for 3 weeks and Asher wasn’t to keen with his presence in his home. Justin worked with us and made it at least tolerable through the duration of the stay. He also helped us out while our female Zara was in heat and Asher needed a place to stay to keep them separated. We have not made it to a “park” event yet but hope to do so soon. We have recommended Wards training to everyone that comments in their manners. Thank you Justin!!!-- Steve & Michelle Krause- Maypearl, TX

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Justin, I just want to say thanks for helping us with training Dallas as well as the helpful instruction you gave to Dana and I. Dallas is so much better now. The teaching and the tools has really helped us. We still have a way to go but we feel confident that that we and Dallas will get there. --  Berry Manors- Red Oak, Texas

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Hi, my name is Dianna Kuykendall & this is my Pitt Bull, “Princess Jasmine”. However, she wasn’t always a princess. Before her training with Justin Ward, of Ward’s Dog Training, she was the Joker of the Court. I was having trouble controlling her, with all the jumping up & pulling on her leash. Thanks to Justin, she now knows her place command & we can take enjoyable walks together. Not only did Justin train Jasmine, but he kind of trained me, too. He taught me how to work with her to get past her issues. I have referred my friends to Ward’s Dog Training & I know for a fact they, too, have been really amazed with his training. And, just for the record, this is the 2nd dog that Justin helped me get under control. If you’re looking for a dog trainer that’s kind, patient & knows his business, look no further than Ward’s Dog Training in Midlothian, TX.- Diana Kuykendal, Midlothian, Texas

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 We have a new German Shorthair puppy and were  headed on a two week vacation.  We didn't want to just board him and let  him go backwards on his training.  So, on the recommendation of a  friend,  we checked out Ward's Dog Training and are very glad we did.   Not only does Justin work with the dog,  he also works with the owners  to teach them how to use what the dog knows. - Kevin Hendon, Midlothian, Texas

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 Justin has been wonderful! We have a very excitable pit bull who just didn’t have any manners. But now after just 4 lessons of mobile training, he is walking on a leash without pulling, staying on his place cot when we have company over, and getting better with recalls daily! Justin is passionate about training dogs to be better without taking their personality out of them. If a lesson isn’t working he changes his approach and tailors each drill to the dog. We cannot recommend Justin with Ward’s Dog Training enough! - Kelsey & Jessica Hazard,Venus, Texas



   We interviewed 3 Dog Trainers   And Justin was the Professional we were looking for!     Justin had a contract and mission statement.  We could see Justin had a real love for Dogs and understood we needed help.  I can honestly say that We would not have been able to handle or keep our German Shepard puppy without Justin’s training.  We opted for the 3 week training as Duke was out of control 100 percent and we did not know what to do.  We took him to PetsMart class and while theses classes helped us Duke did not improve on major behavior concerns like jumping on people and us and knocking you down jumping on the back door and scratching the siding chewing the furniture destroying the window screens and digging up the backyard.  It was like he needed direction and communication that he understood!!!  Duke needed to learn how to behave to be a happy well adjusted dog.  That is the bottom line.  Justin worked with Duke and with us and we learned how to communicate with Duke and how to stop the destructive behaviors.  We can not thank Justin enough.  Justin is our HERO and will always be because we were able to keep a beautiful Dog named Duke who loves us as much as we love him.  Thank you Justin !!!! Justin was great with Duke! Before Duke went to him I was pulling my hair out and was so stressed. We couldn't even eat lunch without Duke getting in the way. I was always stressed out. Since Duke has been back life has been very nice. I am no longer stressed and we go on very nice walks and he listens to me! -Steve & Evelyn Corley, GrandPrarie, Texas




Justin Ward worked a miracle! My year old pit mix, Stoney was a handful! Stoney was extremely rambunctious. From jumping on people chewing up EVERYTHING and eating thing he wasn’t supposed to. I could never take him on walks and he was constantly taking over the house. After reading up on trainers I knew Justin was the guy for me. I’m so glad I made the decision to have Stoney do the 3 week board and train with Justin. Stoney came back a completely different dog,behavioral wise. We now take daily walks and I have my house back! I would recommend Justin Ward to ANYONE! I now get to enjoy life with my 85 pound baby!! - Lana Campbell, Waxahachie, Texas

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 Justin boarded our 6-month-old Bernese Mountain dog Murphy for two weeks  while we were on vacation. During those two weeks, Justin taught Murphy  the heel command, automatic sit, stay, down, extended down, and a  command we have found very useful, the Place command. This command is  used when we need him to stay put for awhile, i.e., during dinner. He  also taught him the stay, down, and extended down on a long line, a  technique to reinforce the commands. We’re currently working on these  commands with distractions. Justin is very knowledgeable about the  latest methods in canine training using positive reinforcement. Murphy  also had other dogs to play with (Justin’s two dogs) and other boarding  clients. One thing we really loved was that he sent us texts with videos  of Murphy’s training sessions every couple of days so we could watch  his progress! Anytime we’ve had a question Justin has always responded  right away, within an hour. I would highly recommend him to anyone who  wants their dog trained in a positive way! - Debbie Hanry, Ovilla, Texas

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 Justin Ward did an amazing job in training our 8 year old Siberian Husky. She is a very stubborn dog that would dig, chew, pull on her leash, and would get into mischief often. Since working with Justin she no longer chews, digs, nor pulls on her leash while walking her. Her destructive behavior has stopped and she is much calmer without losing her playful personality. We are so grateful for Justin’s work with her and his compassion for dogs.

-Robert and Misty Espinosa , Waxahachie, Texas 


Ellis County SPCA

 In June of 2016 Justin Ward of Ward's Dog Training began working as a Shelter Attendant at the Ellis County SPCA. One of the many reasons he was hired was his certification and experience in training dogs. So many dogs that come through animal shelters are brought in because they lack proper training, or have behavior issues that were never addressed. We were excited to have him as a part of our team since he would be able to work with the dogs to help them have a better chance of finding good, permanent homes. He was able to consult with owners who were faced with surrendering their pets due to behavior and allow them to work with their dogs to help them become better family members. In the small amount of downtime there is at a shelter, Justin worked with the dogs helping them learn better leash training and basic obedience. He helped the shy ones build their confidence and the overactive ones strengthen their focus. Every time he handled a dog he used it as a training opportunity, even if he was just moving it from one kennel to another. Justin's knowledge and time helped improve the lives of many dogs that came through the shelter doors. When he left the shelter in July of 2017 to pursue his dog training full time, we were sad to see him go. He continued to help at the shelter by offering consultations to anyone who had adopted a dog. Since then I have personally contacted him for advice on working with shelter/rescue dogs and my own personal dogs. I would highly recommend Justin and Ward's Dog Training to anyone who wants to see their pooch become a well behaved companion and build the bond between themselves and their dog.  

Stephanie S. SPCA Manager- Ellis County SPCA



 We want to thank Justin Ward for his work with Maggie. His training made it possible to enjoy her with company and with small grand-kids. She is much more calm and reacts to commands so much better. We highly recommend Justin for your training needs.
-Kim Jones and Greg McFadin, Sardis, Texas 

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 We purchased a loveable lab puppy and were interested in the best process to indoctrinate her into our family as well as avoid unwanted behaviors.  We selected Justin Ward as our trainer and are very pleased with the results.  Justin provided an initial consultation where he listened to our concerns and developed a tailored plan to provide the desired outcome.  He takes the time to discuss various options and provides clear follow up instructions after each lesson to help reinforce the training to both the owner and puppy.  Justin is extremely knowledgeable in dog training and it is evident in the results. There is no substitute for numerous repetitions by the owner with the puppy, but having the right tools from Justin are truly invaluable.  The end result was that our puppy responded very well to Justin and his training techniques.  She is quickly growing in to a very well mannered dog. 

-Mat Dromy, Midlothian, Texas

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I sent Birdie off to Doggy boot camp at Ward's Dog Training and was very thrilled with the results. She was stubborn and didn't listen before she left. She would always run off. Now she listens wonderfully, is easily controllable on a leash, and has perfect recalls. She is a part of our family now!

-Amy Nutting Cedarhill, Texas




Justin started worked with our Goldendoodle, Scout, when she was about six months old. At the time, she was a full spirited puppy with some bone aggression. During our time working with him, we worked on basic commands, leash training, and some training with door manners when a guest comes over. Scout transformed into a well mannered dog. She knows her commands and walks amazingly on a leash. She has become a wonderful addition to our family. Justin is so easy to work with and has such a great technique for equipping owners with skills to have a better balanced dog. Even months after training, he was available to visit our home for some follow up training and product demonstration for a collar we purchased. What I appreciate most from Justin is his understanding that we wanted to make our pet better for our family, so he gave us techniques that were simple and helped us create a better family pet.  I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for Scout. – Candace Burke, Midlothian Texas




My name is Bo Hornburg, my wife and I were blessed to be introduced to Ward’s Dog Training. We adopted our German Shepard Onyx in the spring of 2016 not knowing how much of a handful he would be. He quickly turned into a very playful giant. Too often I was embarrassed because I could not contain his excitement and he would not listen to my wife. We finally decided to take action when we discovered my wife was pregnant. We could not have an out of control dog around our sweet child to be. At first, I was concerned that dog training would cost an arm and a leg but soon discovered how competitive and affordable the cost of Ward’s Dog Training was. Ward came to our house and in a few short sessions we saw very quick results. The most beneficial part was that it was not just Ward training my dog, but it was Ward training me how to train my dog. I am now proud to say that while Onyx is still a playful giant, he now knows and obeys his commands, does not pull my arm off on walks, and I trust him around my year-old baby girl.- Bo Hornburg, Midlothian, Texas



 This is my sweet Macy! She is about 1 1/2 years old. If you know anything about Labradors you know they are amazing family members if you can get through the first 2 years. With the help of Justin Ward, Macy is already amazing.  She is well behaved and follows my directions most of the time.  Justin is very professional and took the time to get to know how I wanted Macy to fit into my family.  Her training was tailored to help her fit into my family.  - Susan Cox, Longbranch, TX