Off Leash Recalls

This is Dotty working on off leash recalls with distractions. She did very well a high energy dog but quick learner.

Heavy Distraction with Multiple Dogs

We have 5 dogs, 4 dogs are on Place where they are to remain no matter what...

Turning the Lights Off & On

Working on Service dog Task Work- This is Sarge working on turning multiple lighting devices on and off. I am simulating holding the device at normal level on the wall.

Door Manners with Truly

Tired of the dog bolting in the door? Knocking you over? Contact us to learn more about door manners!

LuLu-Introduction to Narcotics

This was the final product after 2-3 weeks of practice. She was the best in the class with a very high drive. I brought her back from school and she is now working as a drug-sniffing canine for some local law enforcement officers.